Friday, 3 August 2012

The Small joys of life that make it bearable...

         Oh... i don't even know where to start...
         Well, i'll go in more detail a bit after... but, for a really long while i've been a passionate admirer of goddess Anna Varney and her amazing project Sopor Aeternus... their music touched so many strings of my soul, accompanied a great deal of my existence... so i finally decided that i just must own something by them, except the CD's... and quite quickly i found official German distributor that carries little Sopor Aeternus treasures...
           I almost fainted out of excitement when i saw an amazing t-shirt design called Imhotep 2...

my gothic soul cried with bloody tears of happiness, so i knew i had to get it! Unfortunately, the remaining sizes were only XXL and XXXL, but that didn't stop me! i knew i had to own one, otherwise my life wouldn't be complete! So i got both sizes, one for me and one for my Soul Mate, since he's an admirer of divine AVC as well!
           So, now we got to the point of this whole long story... as you might, or might not know both of us aren't even close to these sizes... so i had a bit of fun with the t-shirts and with quite an easy technique made one of them into a t-dress and the other one was just turned into a fitted t-shirt!

            And all this long-pre story is here to help me share with you not only my happiness, but to bring out there a very easy recipe on how to turn any very big t-shirt into a fitted t-dress, or simply a fitted t-shirt!
           So, let's get to business! First thing: get a pair of sharp fabric scissors, a pair of small scissors (manicure ones will do as well, as well as the big ones... it's just working with smaller ones is easier), get your huge t-shirt, get a t-shirt that fits you nicely and you like it, and... finally you'll need an extra t-shirt for cutting, or ribbons/shoelaces or whatever you dark soul craves (i used old tights, lol)
           Now we're all set for working! Yay ^_^ lay your XXX t-shirt on the floor, nicely and without any lumps, and then take you fitting one and lay it on top, so that it giver you the idea of how much you'll cut... and then just start cutting the desired amounts off... (since my camera consumed the actual cutting here's just a pic how you lay out the two t-shirts, and then you'll cut according to the smaller one, you can leave it quite long, or cut off the excess lengths as well. i left both quite long):

           After that take your sharpie-poke scissors and start poking holes oh happiness in your future t-dress:

          Take the ribbons/laces... or as i said i took old black tights (because they're stretchy and cheap and cut them in strings, to form sort of a lacing). And just start lacing you new t-shirt like you would lace your shoes :)
          In the end all of your hard work will be paid with a niece fitter "garment"... i love mine to death :)))

         Hope you enjoyed this! let me know what you think, or send me a link/photo if you'll try it out! ;)


  1. Neat! I'll definitely try this, been wanting to try out , but was intimidated by it;p You made it look not so intimidating, and I will definitely post some pictures of the end result [= Thanks for the Tips!

  2. I love the idea of cutting up Black Tights for the string, its something I do myself when ever a zip fails /dies ,I take a pair of 100 denier Black Tights , and cut them up into a long length of string , cut 2 rows of holes in the skirt ,before threading the tights string through like a shoelace ,[after I have taken the zip off]