Thursday, 23 August 2012

MOTD's- brief post from nowhere

For the last few days i had some time to take pics of make up i wore... :)) hope you'll enjoy!
 Yesterday's Elvira inspired make up

 Today's dusk blue and red rockabilly inspired :)

that's from our Brighton trip... i guess you can't really tell, but you can see the idea lol ))
this is from this Monday, when i met up with Emily and Eilish <3 ^__^ i guess it gives you an idea what i wear as well

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fun is over, but my batteries did charge! ^__^

           I haven't had any spare time to write a proper long post, since my friend was visiting and i devoted all my time to her and a bit of relaxation.
           As you may, or may not know, i came to London a year ago and pretty much only a week after that i started working, so i didn't have any time to see London or any other places in England apart from the towns i lived in (Hatfield,Watford, Cockfosters (that's like a tube station, not a town... but i mean district around it)). It's pretty obvious that i've got to know Camden Town pretty well, been to Central London couple of times... but i've never done any proper touristy stuff... and Finally! I've got a holiday that i could spend in England! (for my last holiday i want home and to IMATS).
            So finally got round doing touristy stuff! going to see Big Ben, Tower Bridge, going to V&A Museum and Natural History Museum, just walking around loads, taking pictures and having fun! ^_^ that was amazing... i truly enjoyed London!
             Oh! And i found out that V&A has an amazing Evening Gown exhibition going on, we've got to see some bits of it, but i have an enormous urge to see the rest of it! it just took my breath away! so after pay day i will definitely be going back to V&A!
  My face is deformed here... but the gown! <3

               V&A generally has the atmosphere that i adore... one day i'd love to go there to do some sketching, but preferably in autumn... since then it will be more thrilling and exciting, well... at least as i see it )))
              Also, as i've said earlier we managed to get to the National History Museum... the building itself is just thrilling to see, everything inside was spectacular... 

              but my favourite part of all was the stone exhibition... all the rocks were sooo inspiring, i've too a couple of pictures of the ones i loved. I thought that they would make an amazing series of  "stone inspired" make up, the colours and textures of those were unbelievable! Nature truly makes wonders!

i'd love to translate all of those into make up! they're just breathtaking...
i feel that it's enough for today :)))
the rest will follow!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Finally Holidays...

           Oh, i haven't had the time to get around and do a proper post... but finally! i'm enjoying my mo(u)rning coffee with a piece of an amazing chocolate cake, relaxing... and being in a mood for a post!
           These couple of weeks were full of stress and tiredness, but since i have 5 more holidays ahead of me i'm hoping it will cure all of that, and i will be my normal self again!
           I always knew that summer is really not my time of the year, mainly because i don't really get along with hot weather (can't dress properly :( ) and sun (i tan very well, but i don't like it). The overall summer time makes me feel depressed and even gain weight (which is another big issue and reason for my dislike of this half of the year), everyone is waiting for spring and summer but every year i just wish they'd be over... August brings a lot of relief to me, usually by the end of there's autumn in the air i feel sooo well. Everything just starts to feel completely different. And then i just wake up and feel alive. Autumn and winter just make me feel amazing, alive and full of energy ^v^ i can not understand how come people get depressed and sad in such an amazing time of the year.
Here's a superbly old picture, tht i took when i was like 15, haven't seen it for ages... it's nothing special or artistic. I just love autumn and felt like saving a piece of it!

As well as i found a very old picture of view from my old room's window... it was a fab snowy winter!

             Lately i've been bitterly nostalgic about my home, parents... years of my youth, out old place, my pretty cat... literally everything! oh, summer makes me go insane! i really hope it will end very soon, and i'll be able to go to my usual self!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Day of Sadness

Whenever i feel sad.. i put on more make up! just because the process of applying make up makes me feel more relaxed and happy, takes my thoughts of bad things... and keeps me way from crying :) i tried crying in heavy make up, and once it bleeds and gets into my eyes-it hurts like hell! so whenever i feel especially emo... i apply more! XDD

Also, i finally finished decorating my room's wall.. now i have all my icons above the head of my bed! so all the lovelies bring nice thoughts and vibrations to my mind

I hope you're all well lovelies! <3

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Small joys of life that make it bearable...

         Oh... i don't even know where to start...
         Well, i'll go in more detail a bit after... but, for a really long while i've been a passionate admirer of goddess Anna Varney and her amazing project Sopor Aeternus... their music touched so many strings of my soul, accompanied a great deal of my existence... so i finally decided that i just must own something by them, except the CD's... and quite quickly i found official German distributor that carries little Sopor Aeternus treasures...
           I almost fainted out of excitement when i saw an amazing t-shirt design called Imhotep 2...

my gothic soul cried with bloody tears of happiness, so i knew i had to get it! Unfortunately, the remaining sizes were only XXL and XXXL, but that didn't stop me! i knew i had to own one, otherwise my life wouldn't be complete! So i got both sizes, one for me and one for my Soul Mate, since he's an admirer of divine AVC as well!
           So, now we got to the point of this whole long story... as you might, or might not know both of us aren't even close to these sizes... so i had a bit of fun with the t-shirts and with quite an easy technique made one of them into a t-dress and the other one was just turned into a fitted t-shirt!

            And all this long-pre story is here to help me share with you not only my happiness, but to bring out there a very easy recipe on how to turn any very big t-shirt into a fitted t-dress, or simply a fitted t-shirt!
           So, let's get to business! First thing: get a pair of sharp fabric scissors, a pair of small scissors (manicure ones will do as well, as well as the big ones... it's just working with smaller ones is easier), get your huge t-shirt, get a t-shirt that fits you nicely and you like it, and... finally you'll need an extra t-shirt for cutting, or ribbons/shoelaces or whatever you dark soul craves (i used old tights, lol)
           Now we're all set for working! Yay ^_^ lay your XXX t-shirt on the floor, nicely and without any lumps, and then take you fitting one and lay it on top, so that it giver you the idea of how much you'll cut... and then just start cutting the desired amounts off... (since my camera consumed the actual cutting here's just a pic how you lay out the two t-shirts, and then you'll cut according to the smaller one, you can leave it quite long, or cut off the excess lengths as well. i left both quite long):

           After that take your sharpie-poke scissors and start poking holes oh happiness in your future t-dress:

          Take the ribbons/laces... or as i said i took old black tights (because they're stretchy and cheap and cut them in strings, to form sort of a lacing). And just start lacing you new t-shirt like you would lace your shoes :)
          In the end all of your hard work will be paid with a niece fitter "garment"... i love mine to death :)))

         Hope you enjoyed this! let me know what you think, or send me a link/photo if you'll try it out! ;)