Thursday, 23 August 2012

MOTD's- brief post from nowhere

For the last few days i had some time to take pics of make up i wore... :)) hope you'll enjoy!
 Yesterday's Elvira inspired make up

 Today's dusk blue and red rockabilly inspired :)

that's from our Brighton trip... i guess you can't really tell, but you can see the idea lol ))
this is from this Monday, when i met up with Emily and Eilish <3 ^__^ i guess it gives you an idea what i wear as well


  1. Already saw two of these on tumblr, but still I'll say, your makeup skills are amazing! It looks like you had a nice time and glad you were able to take some vacation time and do some exploring where you live. It's very easy to be living in such a wonderful place and not even have seen the beautiful things it has to offer. Happened to me,lol. Anyway, great post and I hope you have a wonderful day [=

  2. Brighton <3 I love living next to Brighton. I love the liner you did on the top pictures ^_^