Monday, 13 August 2012

Finally Holidays...

           Oh, i haven't had the time to get around and do a proper post... but finally! i'm enjoying my mo(u)rning coffee with a piece of an amazing chocolate cake, relaxing... and being in a mood for a post!
           These couple of weeks were full of stress and tiredness, but since i have 5 more holidays ahead of me i'm hoping it will cure all of that, and i will be my normal self again!
           I always knew that summer is really not my time of the year, mainly because i don't really get along with hot weather (can't dress properly :( ) and sun (i tan very well, but i don't like it). The overall summer time makes me feel depressed and even gain weight (which is another big issue and reason for my dislike of this half of the year), everyone is waiting for spring and summer but every year i just wish they'd be over... August brings a lot of relief to me, usually by the end of there's autumn in the air i feel sooo well. Everything just starts to feel completely different. And then i just wake up and feel alive. Autumn and winter just make me feel amazing, alive and full of energy ^v^ i can not understand how come people get depressed and sad in such an amazing time of the year.
Here's a superbly old picture, tht i took when i was like 15, haven't seen it for ages... it's nothing special or artistic. I just love autumn and felt like saving a piece of it!

As well as i found a very old picture of view from my old room's window... it was a fab snowy winter!

             Lately i've been bitterly nostalgic about my home, parents... years of my youth, out old place, my pretty cat... literally everything! oh, summer makes me go insane! i really hope it will end very soon, and i'll be able to go to my usual self!


  1. Usually for me, summer brings a lot more good things than bad . However this summer has felt like hell, literally! I live in California where the weather has been in the 100s for weeks now :/ Anyway, glad to hear from you and I hope autumn comes very soon as well. Halloween is also my favorite Holiday next to day of the dead, and I'm always counting down for it; which is another reason fro why I am so ready for summer to end ;p Well, I hope you're having a great day [=

  2. Well, I hate summer, too. Because of hot weather I usually sink into a faint and that pissis me off! So I can understand how is it. And I'm waiting for autumn because the studies start and there will be freer in the Internet. But don't be sad, everything ends and summer as well =\

  3. I used to hate summer too. Now I'm ok with it and i just wait patiently for it to end. But when I was younger, I was often depressed at summer, gaining weight and living by night. This happens less and less with years and the fact that you've got less holidays when you work. But I still would avoid to take holidays on summer. Autumn is actually my favorite season, I can't wait to take a walk in the woods and admire the colors of the trees. Enjoy your holidays, your batteries are gonna charge :)