Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fun is over, but my batteries did charge! ^__^

           I haven't had any spare time to write a proper long post, since my friend was visiting and i devoted all my time to her and a bit of relaxation.
           As you may, or may not know, i came to London a year ago and pretty much only a week after that i started working, so i didn't have any time to see London or any other places in England apart from the towns i lived in (Hatfield,Watford, Cockfosters (that's like a tube station, not a town... but i mean district around it)). It's pretty obvious that i've got to know Camden Town pretty well, been to Central London couple of times... but i've never done any proper touristy stuff... and Finally! I've got a holiday that i could spend in England! (for my last holiday i want home and to IMATS).
            So finally got round doing touristy stuff! going to see Big Ben, Tower Bridge, going to V&A Museum and Natural History Museum, just walking around loads, taking pictures and having fun! ^_^ that was amazing... i truly enjoyed London!
             Oh! And i found out that V&A has an amazing Evening Gown exhibition going on, we've got to see some bits of it, but i have an enormous urge to see the rest of it! it just took my breath away! so after pay day i will definitely be going back to V&A!
  My face is deformed here... but the gown! <3

               V&A generally has the atmosphere that i adore... one day i'd love to go there to do some sketching, but preferably in autumn... since then it will be more thrilling and exciting, well... at least as i see it )))
              Also, as i've said earlier we managed to get to the National History Museum... the building itself is just thrilling to see, everything inside was spectacular... 

              but my favourite part of all was the stone exhibition... all the rocks were sooo inspiring, i've too a couple of pictures of the ones i loved. I thought that they would make an amazing series of  "stone inspired" make up, the colours and textures of those were unbelievable! Nature truly makes wonders!

i'd love to translate all of those into make up! they're just breathtaking...
i feel that it's enough for today :)))
the rest will follow!!


  1. Very cool! How lucky you are to have been able to go to those museums!

  2. It's cool you had such a good time. I went to National gallery ages ago but the one i remember the most is Tate modern, there is a breathtaking Monet in there!