Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Quick Update

           Oh... after being ill and loosing my voice i'm finally feeling more or less better... i still sound like a homeless drunk man, but at leas i can speak! ^__^
           And... it's almost time to pack my suitcase for trip to Latvia, which i'm very very excited about! :) i really miss my parents..
            As well, among the other lovely and exciting news-ive made it to the illamasqua distinction  in make up artistry awards finals, so that means i will be doing make up live on the 13-th of October which is my birthday (yeah, i was born Friday 13-th, very gofffff). I've already settled everything with my model and now impatiently waiting for the brief to come around so i can start working... i'm extremely excited about this! it means that i actually do have something that i can show, maybe even a bit of talent that i can develop )))
Here's a video from last year:

It looks scary serious and thrilling! Wish me luck with that ^__^

And here's a pic of todays make up:

hope you're all happy and healthy! speak to you soon <3 ^__^

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Friends wedding

so, our friends got married today. the ceremony wasn't too big or something... just the official part. but i managed to spoil even that, i didn't get up when everyone was supposed to, i laughed half of the time (as everyone did, just because it was really awkward, the bride did not have a dress, nobody was actually dressed properly, or behaving properly... it wasn't your traditional wedding in any way)
i decided to wear my widow dress and just look very inappropriate

heading out of the house i was quite happy with the look and stuff but when i saw the together picture.. i got quite horrified of how ugly my body looked in that f*%^ing dress... now i just want to burn it, and probably throw myself in that fire as well XDD

i never looked that pregnant and fat in pictures ever... especially considering i didn't gain any weight... do i really look like this monster every day and nobody tells me? god...this is officially the worst picture i've ever been on... makes me feel completely defeated.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

bla bla bla+ MOTD

this will be another MOTD post...i've redone the make up from 25-th of August. I know, i hate repeating myself, or at least wear the same look for more than 3 times in a row, but this gives me the opportunity to experiment and improve the look. So this is a better version in my opinion:

I also gave it a try on a model, but with a slightly different twist, i tried to give it sort of deadly tired 20's feel, but still keep it pretty... lovely Iska Ithil modelled for me (this was on the same day, when i did my Teal Geisha on her!). I honestly don't think i did a great job with this look, but on the other hand i'm really proud of the Geisha look. 

Generally i tend to enjoy creating more theatrical and bold looks, i'd say even characters that have a background story, than just make up. Characters are my ultimate joy and passion... 
What type of make up do you enjoy wearing/creating guys? :)