Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Friends wedding

so, our friends got married today. the ceremony wasn't too big or something... just the official part. but i managed to spoil even that, i didn't get up when everyone was supposed to, i laughed half of the time (as everyone did, just because it was really awkward, the bride did not have a dress, nobody was actually dressed properly, or behaving properly... it wasn't your traditional wedding in any way)
i decided to wear my widow dress and just look very inappropriate

heading out of the house i was quite happy with the look and stuff but when i saw the together picture.. i got quite horrified of how ugly my body looked in that f*%^ing dress... now i just want to burn it, and probably throw myself in that fire as well XDD

i never looked that pregnant and fat in pictures ever... especially considering i didn't gain any weight... do i really look like this monster every day and nobody tells me? god...this is officially the worst picture i've ever been on... makes me feel completely defeated.


  1. haha you dont look fat. I'm sure everyone has felt the same way you feel. I wouldn't burn the dress... maybe try it with a waist belt or under bust corset and make it vampira/elvira style.. Thats what I do when I feel fat hahaha. ;) feel better!

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  3. You definitely DO NOT look fat, Hon' . I agree with the first comment that sometimes we all have those days when we feel like we gained wait or like we look like we did. Maybe it was just the dress was too loose ?

  4. I also love the idea of this kind of wedding! You don't look fat at all. I think the problem might be these tights.... I totally hate the thin waistband most of the tights have, it sinks into the belly so much that no matter how skinny you are, it will always look bad with some kind of clothes. That's why I prefer this kind of waistband: http://www.goldenlady.com/public/images/3205.jpg. I like the effect it does on my belly, it makes it kind of flat :)