Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Post 2. it's hard to be me...

             Ok, so i promised a t-shirt tutorial... i've almost got through it (at least the written part) and yesterday i was taking pics of my step by step...
Everything was going perfectly fine util today i decided to film a tutorial which i did film by the way... but i forgot to put the pics from camera to my laptop, so the pictorial is all gone... *cries over the damn old camera*
            But no worries, i'll re-shoot it with different t-shirts...
            And the good thing is, that i filmed my Marlene Dietrich inspired make up tutorial... i even wore it out, and got kids taking picture of me on the tube! So i assume it was a success!
            proof pics:

           And i've got a chance to show off my new sunglasses ^__^

          So, look out for a tutorial!
          As well, i'm planning to turn this into a series of my style icons, which will include both actual people and fictional characters (like Morticia Addams, Vampira, Elvira, Lilly Munster). 
         Also i'm cooking up a series based on my fav Drag Queens from Ru Paul's Drag race... and well... just favourite drag queens, since we all know how much i love them :) being able to be a Drag Queen is the only advantage of being a boy... i wish i could do it! i would make a good Drag Queen with the tightest lip synch!

love you my rotten babies!


  1. Awesome, i like marlene dietrich so much, the makeup you made looks really like hers with your little touch in it, it just works very well :)

  2. Fab! You are just too awesome for words! Cannot wait for the icons series, drag queens are the ultimate in beauty. They are walking art, I wish more people would recognize that .